Fashionable Footwear Tips for the Rainy Season: Get Stylish This Monsoon

With the onset of rainy season, people get to tip-tap-toe under the heavy rain. Though, you need to safeguard your feet from the external threats posed due to exposure. Do you think the solution is to get the rain boots and cover up? Wait! Do those boots suit your fashion? If you answered ‘no’, here are some tips for wearing fashionable footwear during this season, while also safeguarding your feet without the need to compromise your sense of fashion.


Choose the Right Footwear

It’s crucial to select the right footwear in order to keep your feet not just happy, but also free from infection. There’s an extensive range of footwear suitable for the rainy days available in footwear showrooms. Here are some ideal choices for the monsoon:

  • Flip-Flops: Fashionable flip-flops made of PVC or rubber materials are perfect choice for the rainy season since they dry easily, are washable, and can be maintained easily.
  • Crocs: Here’s another good option. Since they are essentially made of rubber, they offer enhanced grip, thus stopping your foot from slipping. Make a style statement by choosing vibrant colors.
  • Closed or Peep-Toe Shoes: Peep-toe shoes are available in PVC, good enough for surviving the monsoon. Closed shoes or ballerinas are also available in waterproof materials.
  • Slip-Resistant Sandals: Go for these to match your formal outfit. Strapped sandals with slip resistance feature can offer better grip.
  • Gum Boots: The best option for rainy season! Gum boots and rain boots are water-proof and protect your feet from dirt, mud and water.

Avoid These Mistakes

  • Don’t wear heels during the monsoons. However, if it’s unavoidable, opt for slip-resistant sandals with less than 2-inches heels.
  • Don’t wear leather footwear as it can easily get infected with bacteria and fungus. If you are passionate about them, look for water-proof leather shoes, which are ideal for rainy days. Formal water-proof leather shoes or shoes with foam base that offer resistance to odor are a big hit among the office-goers.

Tips for Monsoon Footwear Purchase

  • If you are buying plastic footwear, ensure that they do not have any sharp corners that can cause shoe bites.
  • Opt for footwear with good gripping ability so that your foot is held in place without slipping when the shoes and feet are wet.
  • Avoid wearing canvas or sports shoes as they may favor bacteria growth.
  • Avoid keeping your wet sandals or shoes in a shoe cabinet or under the bed as this may cause growth of bacteria. Allow them to dry under the sun. Proper maintenance of footwear is very important during the monsoons.


Follow these tips to wear fashionable footwear even during the rainy season, while also staying safe and protecting your feet.

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What You Have to Know about Fashionable Footwear?

In recent days, footwear has turned out to be a fashion statement. Gone are the days when people wore it for their feet’s comfort. Today’s contemporary lifestyle demands colorful, neatly designer, and attractive footwear.


Footwear is a vital part of every human’s personality. Few individuals love to use designer shoes, while few others opt to wear ordinary footwear. They have turned out to be highly trendy in the recent past. If you have diverse footwear needs, visit a fashionable footwear store that can cater to various kinds of needs. There are several trendy and stylish footwear choices for different genders and age groups.

Wearing the right type of footwear is very important if you wish to complement an elegant outfit. When you shop for perfect footwear, many individuals prefer a fashionable showroom with special range of shoes to meet their trendy taste. They generally prefer a different kind of footwear for different occasions. For instance, what a person wears for a casual outing cannot be worn for a formal meeting at office.

If you wish to possess specific footwear, which can suit all kinds of outfits, select neutral colors such as black, white, brown or gray. If you like, you can also go for multihued shoes that can go well with a range of outfit colors than single color.

Today’s fashionable footwear showrooms offer a grand assortment of shoes. For men, the selection generally includes sports shoes, leather boots, running shoes, everyday shoes, sneakers, loafers, sandals, and tennis shoes. For women, there’s an extensive range, including pumps, peep-toes, ballet flats, designer sandals, flip-flops, wedges, high heels, sports shoes, platform heels, and much more. Designer shoes for men as well as women are meant to bring to them the exceptional elements of comfort and style. Each of these varieties would suit different occasions. For instance, flip-flops, sneakers, and loafers are for more casual look, while leather boots are more formal

If you want to buy stylish footwear, you need to consider quality much beyond just fashion. There’s no use of buying fashionable footwear if it gradually tips apart within some days. This is why you should purchase them from a reliable showroom. Though they may cost a little more at such stores, they offer a rare feeling of assurance, thus justifying their initial cost. This kind of high quality footwear can offer utmost comfort, high quality material, and unique sense of achievement. Furthermore, they can protect your feet from any feet problems.

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It’s vital that every fashionista takes care of her or his footwear so that they are durable. Ensure to store them properly and clean them regularly. Different kinds of footwear require different maintenance and care. Get to know about it when purchasing the shoes from the shopkeeper.

Get your wardrobe of fashionable footwear ready and flaunt them appropriately to carry the right look!


Eight Fashionable Footwear Every Woman Should Own

Every woman or teenage girl has a craze for footwear just like she has a passion for jewels. With almost endless choices every season, it’s difficult not to collect a closet of fashionable footwear. To make your closet planning a tad easier, here are some fashionable footwear choices that every woman should have in her wardrobe.


Ballet Flats

If you wish to give your jeans or daily dresses a stylish Parisian flair, you essential should have a pair of ballet flats in your closet, particularly following a long night out in a pair of daring high heels. These skimmer flat shoes are a no-fuss solution to feel polished on the go. They are equally casual and lady-like, which means you can don them with shift dresses, cutoff or even pleated skirts. Buy a pair of ballet flats in a bright color to enlighten the mood.

Everyday Sandals

Everyday sandals are a cool alternate choice to flip-flops. Just because we tend to get attracted towards flat sandals during summer, ensure that you buy a pair with details that you would be satisfied with so that you can wear them on daily basis. Opt for something with a greatly studded finish or in a fun color to ante up your daily dress.

Canvas Sneakers

Slipping on a pair of canvas sneakers is the best option on days when you are really busy. You can look stylish as well as feel comfortable at the same time.

Statement Heels

Every woman must have a pair of sexy statement heels in her wardrobe. Whether you choose a statement print, sexy detailing or vibrant color, this should be something that you can wear with everything from your evening dress to jeans to feel sexy instantly. You can wear this to office or dinner.

Smart Loafers or Oxfords

Smart loafers or oxfords have turned out to be a mainstay in every woman’s arsenal. This is a good alternative for office to off-duty sneakers with a cool twist.

Flat Leather Sandals

Flat leather sandals are great for days when you just want to laze around or just lose track of time. Opt for one in a neutral color like beige, brown or black.

Peep-Toe Pumps

Peep-toe pumps make the ultimate choice of leg lengtheners and can exhibit your fresh spa pedicure. Buy a pair in a skin-matching tone so that you can wear it almost all your dresses.

Wooden Platform Sandals

Wooden platform sandals make great daytime shoes with a fabulous nighttime attitude. Don’t miss to include this in you wardrobe. They are climbing the ladder of popularity chart in the recent past among women.


Now that you know what staple footwear you should have in your closet, proceed to purchase and make a style statement every time you step out.


Eight Shoes That Every Man Must Have in His Wardrobe

When it comes to footwear for men, the rules are kind of simple and straightforward; so it might not be that difficult to match shoes with your dress. However, many men still tend to commit several mistakes when wearing shoes. Irrespective of this, there are some footwear that men should definitely own as a part of their closet. Here are the top six shoes that every man must and should have in his arsenal.


Monk Straps

Those men, who wish to take a break from laces frequently, while not wanting to get back to the Velcro school shoes days, should definitely have a stunning pair of monk straps in their collection. You could either opt for a fun take on it or go minimalist with a single-strap model.

Leather Brogue

Leather brogues are available in several models and they are very versatile. So, possessing a pair of it is virtually a no-brainer. They will quickly turn out to be your go-to option appropriate for all occasions. Chinos, trousers, jeans…..almost any style can match them.

Leather Oxfords

Looks pretty much like brogues, but leather oxfords are a variation of the former that can fetch a completely different look. A pair of leather brogues matched with a suitable outfit is just enough to pull off the look for any formal event that you would be attending.

Suede Loafers

Here’s another laceless choice! Suede loafers are great summer footwear, which can give you something absolutely smart to roam around with. It’s a versatile investment that’s equally doable as a smart of casual shoe. Sporting a pared-down, elegant design, this footwear is an easy style that you can flaunt stylishly. Pair it up with smart-casual wear!


A set of espadrilles is an essential part in your shoe collection. Comfortable, flat-packing, and light, it’s an absolute necessity if you going to the beach for your summer vacation.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are 100% functional for practical purposes. Get these trainers while considering your precious feet at the time of purchase – remember that the wrong pair of runners could mash up your trotters. Each and every man should own a decent pair of trainers irrespective of how often he actually uses them.

Chelsea Boots

If you wish to opt for a little edgier modern appearance with a suit, you certainly would require a pair of Chelsea boots. Match it with trousers or slim jeans. They would be so comfortable that you would wish to end up flaunting them much more than your intended use.

Desert Boots

This is a great casual option of shoes, which are an exit from the relaxing sneakers, though not as much as they sway towards the Chelsea boots. If you happen to add a pair of desert boots to your collection, you would be glad that did so.


If you lack any of these in your closet, make sure to add them soon!